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Ankiweb Tutorial: Getting your decks onto all your devices

This a tutorial on how to set up Ankiweb, so that you can get your flashcards synchronized across your various devices (Laptops, smartphones, etc.) http://fluent-forever.com/chapter2.

Akinator iPhone 5 app review


Угадай картинку словом Прохождение android

Мои игры на Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8403591885119473032 Мои игры на App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/dmitry-starodymov/id691156508.

Akinator the genie (IPhone App)

Today we play the app "Akinator the genie", It's a really fantastic game I suggest you should get it.

Alexander IRL

In this YouTube Red Original Movie, two brothers — a responsible high school student trying to impress a girl and a stunted, mid-twenties party type who needs an app to win over his boss...

Game Dev Tycoon

The rise and fall off Paul Beenis Games.

Guessing Youtubers! Akinator Free Episode 1

Download it on google play Akinator free.

Zombie Craft Survival 3D Game play

this is a game you can find at the windows 10 store this is my frist long video.

Дети и iPad

Материал к 164 вебинару https://new.livestream.com/ux/webinar164.

Акинатор или Ванга онлайн?

Я буду рад как акинатор который угадал персонажа если ты кинешь суда рубчик R152805344735 а если у тебя нету рубчи...

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